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100% natural from Grabersko brdo

Made in Croatia

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About us

Rarely available pure and 100% pumpkin oil produced by TIQ vi from the Croatian hills around Zagreb. TIQ va, pumpkin or pumpkin is known and widespread in our area, but they are rare producers of pumpkin oil, and it is especially rare to produce 100% pumpkin oil. So we decided to produce exactly 100% pumpkin oil, which won us over at first sight, and we knew that it was not just oil as a food product, but a natural medicine that has many positive features and health benefits, and it is also delicious. .  

Our family estate in Grabersko brdo is our inspiration. There used to be a vineyard, but we took out the vineyard and decided to use the benefits of this area by producing something local, something special, healthy, simple and accessible to everyone, without it being very widespread. That's how we got to her, pumpkin. With these black drops we bring you pure nature!


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